There’s a Man in the Woods

Pretty great in the way the narrative is able to evolve with emotional intensity through music and the main characters tone of voice. The music increases in tempo and the main character becomes more frustrated. Basically, emotion evolves with the narrative. Its very shocking how he became the fictional story that got the main character. I found this to truly express the main characters frustration and to be ironic.

Radial Balance Impressionism

I found it great how radial balance was achieved in impressionism. The water coming off the dog is painted in a lighter shade of blue and as the painting goes outward the shade of blue evolves into a darker shade to show the environment. Other colors are also shown within the darker shade of blue to represent a bit of the landscape. There is also movement shown in the separate directions the water is shown going and the dog shown shaking.


Amplified Perspective

This image is interesting in the way it uses amplified perspective. The texture within the dogs nose is very vivid and the moistness is evident through the shine seen on the nose. We are also able to see the texture of the fur closest to the dogs nose. Blurriness begins to increase when we get farther away from the nose which helps the nose become more amplified.



This image is interesting in the way its able to achieve a sense of fluidity and movement through its placement of instruments. Its also great in the way a sense of perspective is achieved in the way the cello behind on the right is scaled a little smaller and placed more into the frame compared to the cello in the front on the left. The piano on the bottom right also achieves a sense of depth and perspective by appearing to wrap around the cello on the right and coming to the front.


Owl Pattern

I found this piece of artwork very interesting in the way the person is able to achieve abstraction within the patterns of the owl. The abstraction also represents how the owl lives in nature by using flowers and this also helps construct the owl.


Levi Jeans Commercial (Peter Chung)

Peter Chung is known for very disturbingly accurate animations (Aeon Flux). However, I do like how this 90’s commercial for Levi Jeans looks. There’s a glow around him that gives him personality and roundness, the commercial plays with a lot of perspectives, and the character is very fluid in his movements. However, it is a bit over-exaggerated.

Diamond Jack

So I found this amazing animation uploaded to YouTube by Rachael Kim. I love the foreshadowing  shown in the scene shown at 1:26 with the slot machines representing the bomb in the diamond that the main character stole. I also really like the Lupin III references and heavily influenced style. Some of the Lupin III references include the rounded style, a mastered thief, and a detective that tries to catch him.